Fire Department


A volunteer fire department has been established to prevent and extinguish fires and to protect lives and property against fires, to promote fire prevention and fire safety, and to answer all emergency calls for which there is no other established agency. The Remsen Fire House is located at 125 E 1st Street.

The department consists of the Fire Chief and such other officers and personnel as may be authorized by the Council. The Remsen Fire Department has a roster for 22 members.

  • Chris Frederes (Chief)
  • Doug Owens (Assistant Chief)
  • Josh Gengler (Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Ken Ahlers
  • Jerry Braun
  • Todd Tentinger
  • Chad Weiler
  • Terry Maass
  • Lee Galles
  • JT Sanow
  • Derek Gengler
  • Michael Matgen
  • Mike Wurth
  • Trevor Schroeder
  • Tyler Schiltz
  • Christopher Loutsch
  • Joe Schuttpelz
  • Garret Schroeder
  • David Grady
  • Brad Roling


November 2021

November 2021

FIRE DEPT 2010Outdated photo of the Fire Department from 2010


Firefighters explain fire safety to kids annually during Fire Prevention Week