Boil Advisory Lifted

The boil advisory has been lifted for The City of Remsen.
On March 19, the boil advisory was issued because we had divers from Liquid Engineering here to inspect the clear water retention tank to determine if it can be used for future plant designs. The DNR recommended that we issue the boil advisory as a precautionary measure.
Those with ice makers can use the ice that was made yesterday. The water sample that we were waiting on was taken yesterday afternoon and it was free of contaminants.
When we have these advisories or any other City or Utility related emergency or news that we need to get out to the citizens, we utilize The City of Remsen, Iowa Facebook page (this is the only Facebook page we will comment on) KLEM, KTIV, KCAU, The City’s webpage: and The Le Mars Daily Sentinel Text Caster to get the information out. If we believe that anyone’s health or safety is in immediate danger, we will make efforts to go door to door to make everyone aware of the issue.
Thank you.