Monthly Archives: July 2021


One of the City’s water wells has gone down. Due to this, the City has issued a water ban that will be strictly enforced. Residents CANNOT water their lawns or use water for recreational purposes (washing cars, filling pools, etc.) during this time. If residents ignore this ban, there is a possibility we will not be able to keep up with the water demand and be without water altogether. We ask that you limit the amount of water you use for necessities (laundry, dishes, showers)while we work on getting it back up and running.


We will allow residents to water their vegetable gardens on an odd even schedule based on their addresses.  Watering will only be permitted between the hours of 8PM and 7AM. 


We are working with our engineers and the DNR to obtain the proper permits to remedy the issues but this will take time.


When we have updates we will put them out. We understand that this is a inconvenience and apologize. Thank you for your cooperation.